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urban avenues
film camp

learn from professionals. 

tell your stories.

Experience community
in a new way.

Urban Avenues Film Camp is a five-day summer camp experience in Birmingham, AL for teens to learn the fundamentals of filmmaking from professionals. By learning the elements of storytelling and film production, students can walk away with the tools to bring stories to life.                                                                

Campers will be mentored by local professional producers, cinematographers, directors, editors, and sound specialists. With the fundamentals of filmmaking, campers will create short films that will be featured at Friday’s final premiere.

june 12th - 16th

9:00-4:00, Alabama School of fine arts
The camp fee is $300
scholarships available

*Application Deadline is June 5th 2023

Sample Schedule 

  • 9:00 - Camper Check-in

  • 9:30 - Project Brainstorm

  • 11:00 - Project Pitches 

  • 12:00 - Lunch Break 

  • 12:30 - Team Building Games

  • 1:00 - Rotating Classes (Cinematography, Editing, Lighting, Storyboarding)

  • 3:30 - Project Pre-production

  • 4:00 - Pick up (No later than 4:10pm)


“I loved being able to tell my story in a space where I felt safe and accepted..”

FCF '21 Student

“The instructors were incredibly professional and knowledgable — it made me feel confident that I was learning valuable skills.”

FCF '20 Student

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