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We are creating collaborative ventures and artful initiatives that add life to our city.

By harnessing the talent and vision of our collective, we form ventures that inspire innovation spanning the full context of our neighborhoods and communities. The concept of mutuality flows through each of our artistic pathways as we enter with reciprocated respect, calibrate the balance of teaching through one's perspective whilst embodying a student mindset, and harness an innovative eye as we seek to improve our city together. 
Each venture is designed to balance a particular craft with learning opportunities that transcend careers, stages of life, and skills.  Our goals are not limited to food and film; we dream of a community that sees the beauty of loving people through creative work and channels it into every aspect of their life. 
Porch Sittings

The porch is the point at which our lives intersect with the world; Porch Sittings are where one’s life intersects with the lives of others in order to gain a better understanding of the world. The intimacy of homes, porches, and backyards foster conversations that invite people from across the region to discover new ways of living in and growing as a community.

Urban Avenues Film Camp

We introduce high school students to the disciplines and freedoms of the art of film and photography. Our curriculum is designed to address story formation, technical components of filming as well as post-production and give students hands-on experience behind the camera with the outcome that students have an enhanced view of the story of their community, family, their own stories, and an expanded field of vision for larger living.

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