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Senior Spotlight Tirzah

Meet Tirzah!

A longtime Five Loaves student, she has been bringing joy and tenacity into our events for years (she also was our social media intern her sophomore year!). Tirzah will be headed to Gordon College this upcoming Fall Semester. She is interested in Marketing , Entrepreneurship/ Business Administration track. She has been a part of Five Loaves since her Freshman year of high school.

What made you choose to participate in FL throughout your entire high school career? & What made you decide to keep participating?

I joined Five Loaves because my social circle is very small and I started to notice that my social circle had a very similar background as me, whether that was socioeconomic status, or even race. I wanted to have the opportunity to meet other people that were my age, that go to more diverse schools or even have a different family life; I wanted to stretch my bubble of people. What kept me participating is I loved the people that I was surrounded with. I loved how different people would come into Five Loaves and I would be given the opportunity to meet new faces. I also loved getting the opportunity to not only improve my culinary skills but to learn my way around the kitchen. Getting to know the staff and the Five Loves community that has been created has kept me going.

What values have you seen develop in your life as a result of your years in Five Loaves?

I've learned how to look at who is around me and step up as a leader or step down and give others the opportunity to step into that role. I have learned to love and value the importance of building your community around the table. To be present and be in the moment with the people that you are gathered at the table with .

I have learned to love and value the importance of building your community around the table. To be present and be in the moment with the people that you are gathered at the table with .

What things have you learned from Five Loaves that you have applied in your life? How has being involved influenced your career goals, personal interests or perspective of life?

Five Loaves has helped me realize the importance of sitting around the table and building a community; the best way to build a community is around the table. Also, during my college career I hope to learn more about Marketing which is influenced from my internship with Five Loaves. Also seeing how the founder and Director or Operations takes charge but also the entrepreneurial aspect of it has inspired and influenced with what I want to do in life. My dream is to create my own business with the hopes of providing nutritional education to teenage girls. I want to create a community, and safe space for people to gather and be able to come to the table and sit with this community that has been created.

What was your favorite recipe from a Training Night?

The Christmas dinner where we made the Cauliflower Mashed "Potatoes".

How connected do you feel to Birmingham after being part of Five Loaves ?

Five Loaves has helped me to become more connected by opening my eyes to the history of Birmingham and pushed me to research the history. I've noticed the division within the city. Being in Five Loaves has helped me to be more interested in the history here and to research about what it has looked like. I've learned more about the mountain that’s kind of divided the city, and how you can see the divide and how that happened when people moved south of the mountain. I don't think I would've researched or looked into the history if it wasn't for Five Loaves. I feel more connected because partly I’ve gotten to learn more about the depth of what’s been going and the part of the mission of Five Loaves is to connect what's been divided. It’s also really cool to get to see these local places and to see different parts of the city, different groups that people are in and being able to have a part in it is really fun.

How has Five Loaves brought you closer to other members and parts of your community ?

In December in the past, there were a handful of holiday dinners. During the holiday dinners, it’s really fun to know people in a different light. When I was a freshman there were three seniors that were really fun to get to know and getting to see them in the kitchen and hanging out with them was really fun.

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