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Senior Spotlight Kendall

Meet Kendall!

Five Loaves has loved having Kendall's creative spirit in the cohort. Her creativity expands beyond food -- she's also finds herself behind the camera for a lot of our gatherings! She's currently a Senior and will be headed to Auburn University this upcoming Fall to study Nutrition on the Pre-Med Track with a minor in Public Health and Leadership. She's been involved with Five Loaves since she was in Middle School. One thing that she enjoys doing on the side is taking pictures. Currently, she is a Missions Intern at her local church. Recently she went on a mission trip to go serve in a medical clinic in Belize. The work with her church and internship has led her to think about serving Cross-Cultural or pursuing a career in medicine.

What made you choose to participate in FL throughout your entire high school career? What made you decide to keep participating?

My teacher was good friends with someone that knew about Urban Avenues. I am good friends with Tirzah and we were introduced to the team . I kept coming back because I love Nutrition and food. I am a terrible cook and I wanted to learn how to cook but also, continuing those relationships. I go to a Christian school where everyone is the same socioeconomic status, race, has similar political views and I wanted to broaden my bubble.

What values have you seen develop in your life as a result of your years in Five Loaves?

For me, it's listening to other peoples stories and being able to truly hear them. There have been a lot of people that I’ve gotten to sit down with and have conversations about things that we might not necessarily agree on and just even Faith conversations that are so meaningful. I think that food and the Porch Sittings have opened up the space to be able to do that. I think that being with Five loaves has taught me to stop and listen and let other people "feed" me. When you're cooking with other people you have to ask for help or let other people be the “top chef ”.

What things have you learned from Five Loaves that you have applied in your life/ How has being involved with Five Loaves influenced your career goals, personal interests or perspective of life?

Nutrition is a big part of Five Loaves and just food in general, so I think that it has helped me realize how important meals are and not just for nutritional value. Meals bring people together, so much can happen over a meal and so that has helped me understand a different side of food. Also, since I want to do inner city work whether that's opening up a Private Clinic or going overseas, I think it’s helped me a lot to listen to people's stories and really determine where I feel called. Food is nourishing in more than a nutritional way, it’s nourishing to the soul.

Food is nourishing in more than a nutritional way, it’s nourishing to the soul.

What was your favorite recipe and chef from a Training Night?

Madison husband, Aaron, has been my favorite chef! He taught us how to carve fruit. Also when we made charcuterie boards; that is a skill you need and you can’t ever go wrong with that!

How connected do you feel to Birmingham after being part of Five Loaves ?

So, I actually go to a church down in Fairfield called Urban Hope. I worked with a couple of organizations down there; Grace House etc. I feel like I have so many different things that are tying me to Birmingham that made me think about staying in the city. I think that Five Loaves helps create more relationships to the city of Birmingham. I got to go to Training Nights and after everything that happened this summer, my community is so separated that I think that I got to be a part of what was going on in our city and throughout the world. I got a different worldview; so I think that Fie Loaves has really opened me up to what the world looks like outside of where I live.

I got a different worldview; so I think that Fie Loaves has really opened me up to what the world looks like outside of where I live.

How has Five Loaves brought you closer to other members and parts of your community ?

The biggest thing is, getting to talk to people who aren't believers has been really valuable and I think that's how I formed the best relationships in Five Loaves because I cook with someone, laugh and have fun. But, I am going to feel way more connected if we are having deeper conversations. Which Five Loaves has fostered and made the space for.

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