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Senior Spotlight - Jamari

Meet Jamari!

Jamari has been apart of the Five Loaves team since the Summer of 2019 and is our resident baker. He will be attending Auburn University this upcoming Fall Semester to study Hospitality Management with an emphasis in Culinary Science . Jamari loves experimenting with different recipes and making desserts. After High School he will be headed to Orange Beach to work with some of the local restaurants to gain more experience. While at Auburn, he hopes to join Auburn's study abroad program and go to Italy to gain more experience and use those tools and experiences he has gained to start his own restaurant called The Angry Cookie. He also hopes to launch a non-profit to care for foster children.

So what made you decide to get involved with Five Loaves?

I was first introduced to Five Loaves when they came to visit my high school. They talked about Training Nights, getting to meet local chefs around the city and even getting the opportunity to help create a menu with the chefs. This appealed to me because I love to cook, it gave me the opportunity to get out of the house and express myself in different ways.

Tell me about your favorite memory, Training Night and/or chef and why (if you could just pick one)?

One of my favorite memories and hosts is when we got the chance to meet Zebbie at Eugene's Hot Chicken. It was very engaging and such a laid back environment to get to know a chef. We talked about how Zebbie started Eugene's. He started his business with pop-up shops which blossomed into a food truck and his business plan. It was very interesting to me because I want to go down a similar path one day and it opened my eyes to another way of making that happen.

What was your favorite recipe from a Training Night this year?

My favorite recipe from Training Night was the scones. I thought it was really interesting because we use a lamented dough. I've never worked with that type of dough before, I usually work with cake batters, muffin batters, cookie dough etc.

How has being involved with Five Loaves influenced your career goals, personal interests and/or perspective of life?

We had a Christmas event and we talked about “telling your own story”. I learned not only how to connect with people but also how to share my story. It has opened my eyes and pushed my perspective towards a more positive aspect. It has also shifted my perspective because I have seen it bring people together from all different cultures and backgrounds. Food is a cultural thing and it's a lot of cultures mixing together.

“Food is a cultural thing and it’s a lot of cultures mixing together”.

How connected do you feel to Birmingham after being part of Five Loaves ?

I feel very connected to Birmingham, I feel connected to Birmingham because I've learned and had the opportunity to visit other parts of Birmingham that I've never been to. I also learned how Birmingham is such a diverse place.

How has Five Loaves brought you closer to other members and parts of your community ?

Five Loaves has brought me closer to other members by bringing people from different socioeconomic statuses together and realizing that despite this difference we’re all just the same. We don't have to look the same, have the same skin color because at the end of the day we're just people and we can all find something in common.

At the end of the day we’re just people and we can all find something in common.

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