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Senior Spotlight Evelyn

Meet Evelyn!

We've been lucky to have Evelyn on our Five Loaves team for four years. When she's not whipping up a culinary treat, she can often be found on the soccer field. Evelyn will be attending Lee University this upcoming Fall and is planning to major in Public Relations. She finds Public Relations so appealing because of its diversity and allows her the opportunity to have different directions of what route she wants to take. Personally, she might want to work in more of an entrepreneurial way such as a small business .

What made you choose to participate in FL throughout your entire high school career? What made you decide to keep participating?

I think the number one thing is just that I go to the same church and school and everything I know is within 15 miles of my house. Plus, I thought it was cool that I could make food and hang out with people. I've grown up cooking and in the kitchen because my mom was always cooking, so i’ve always been drawn to that. But, I kept coming back because I've had friends that were going there. So, it was comfortable but I had an opportunity to make new friends and work with other people. The opportunity to learn more about other people and restaurants, dinners, and getting paid for some of it was also very appealing. I've really enjoyed meeting people from different areas; I kept coming back because there were always new people coming every year. Working dinners and doing events have always been my favorite part about it.

What values and skills have you seen develop in your life as a result of your years in Five Loaves?

I think that one value I've seen really develop in me is the importance of listening. Because a lot of what we do in Five Loaves is storytelling and listening to one another and the conversations that we get to have even though our zoom training nights during Covid. Just being able to listen to what walks of life everyone else is in and if they're in a different walk of life than I might be in. I like being able listen because coming around the table isn't just about what you're saying but what you're taking from what other people are saying. I think I've definitely developed a love for listening for others and just how valuable that is for my life.

I've learned a lot about leadership, too. I've always stepped into a role of leadership just naturally; it's who i am. Being a leader also means elevating everyone else's skills, so I think it's important to make sure everyone has their own part. That has been something that I've really enjoyed about Five Loaves. Through our zoom meetings I've tried to get people to join by reaching out in my community and I think that's something that I've learned how to do better.

How has being involved with Five Loaves influenced your career goals, personal interests and/or perspective of life?

It definitely has influenced my careers goals because I realized I love connecting and connecting with people. The ways Five Loaves connects with different organizations and also connecting with chefs and local leaders has really drawn me to appreciate the value of relationships. That is one reason I started looking at Public Relations - it's how companies are able to interact and like build on each other. That has definitely influenced what I look for in a career. I just know that I have to be with people and anything that I get involved in I have to get involved with people. I have to be able to communicate with people because I love trying to solve differences and coming together on a common ground to either work together or solve indifference. Five Loaves has shown me that there are so many people that have the same values as me and just want to connect with other people and love people well. It gives me hope because it's nice to come together with people I haven't met before. It's expanded my love for who they are, where they're from and it makes me so interested in other peoples lives; it's deepened my sense of care.

It's expanded my love for who they are, where they're from and it makes me so interested in other peoples lives; it's deepened my sense of care.

What was your favorite recipe and/or topic from a Training Night?

The scones, my whole family loved it! Especially the chocolate chip ones I did; those were my favorite!! My favorite topic was when we talked about entrepreneurship, it stuck out to me because I was really interested and people were talking to me about their personal experiences. It was insightful and a part of the business world that I'd never heard about.

How connected do you feel to Birmingham after being part of Five Loaves ?

I feel connected and I feel like I definitely have experienced different environments when we make dinners at different peoples houses. I like being able to work in different kitchens, different parts of Birmingham; I think it really connected me. Also, I started to have more of a love for my city because of Five Loaves.

How has Five Loaves brought you closer to other members and parts of your community ?

I think it's something I've always had a longing for because I just always had a longing to be with people that are in my city and loved to eat food. When Five Loaves came to talk to my school I realized that I would've never met these people if I had stayed right where I was.

When Five Loaves came to talk to my school I realized that I would've never met these people if I had stayed right where I was.

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