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Senior Spotlight Abigail

Meet Abigail! If you've been to a Five Loaves event, you have likely experienced her infectious smile. We've been thrilled to have her on the Five Loaves team for four whole years!

Abigail is passionate about History and Writing. She started a website during quarantine called “The Stories We Forgot”. She works with a Marketing place called Alter Narrative where she gets to write about artisans that are seeking to sell their product for their livelihood. She is interested in different cultures, cross-cultures, diverse beliefs and having good conversations.She has also been accepted into the University of Virginia and Auburn University. Moving forward in life her she hopes that her passion will only grow and she’ll nurture it as it grows. The Stories We Forgot is rooted in her experience with Five Loaves. Five Loaves has taught her the value of listening and the value of knowing that other people have different beliefs and vocations , opinions etc., and that you can completely respect that and learn from them. This led her to become fascinated with the art of storytelling . “There is something beautiful and meaningful about recognizing gifts in another person and recognizing what other people have learned and walked through and what you can be taught in that.”

There is something beautiful and meaningful about recognizing gifts in another person and recognizing what other people have learned and walked through and what you can be taught in that.

What made you choose to participate in FL throughout your entire high school career?

There was no reason not to. Freshman year at school we went on a tour of the Civil Rights Museum. A little while later, John and Keiah came and spoke to us about what Five Loaves is and I felt drawn to want to learn more, get involved in my community and it was something that was right in front of me; it was in Birmingham . I went to my first Five Loaves Training Night and I felt that it was so rich and that there was an authentic and diverse community and she hung onto that. Sophomore and Junior year I got even more involved with what Five Loaves was doing and I enjoyed getting to meet people from all across the city of Birmingham. Being part of this community made me feel like I could unapologetically be myself and with the diversity she felt that she could unite.

What values have you seen develop in your life as a result of your years in Five Loaves?

It has helped me to try and maintain that diversity. I have become more aware of others around me. I have a larger awareness of what’s happening in Birmingham, empathy and I know that other people are going through things in life. It has also taught me how to expand my group of people that I surround myself with and that wherever she goes in life and does in life, it’s really good to find those people that challenge you, are different from you and that you can learn.

What things have you learned from Five Loaves that you have applied in your life/ How has being involved with Five Loaves influenced your career goals, personal interests or perspective of life?

Looking forward I know that I want to find something like Five Loaves. I want to major in History but I'm also maybe considering Law School. Five Loaves has fueled my passion for doing what truly helps people and doesn't just benefit myself. I am interested in getting out into the community, going to the local businesses and trying to support them more.

What was your favorite recipe and/or chef from a Training Night (if you could pick just one)?

Green Bean Gremolata. ( favorite chef is the owner of Brick and Tin and they made tortillas ) The lesson was about entrepreneurship and they took this small bowl of bread and made 50 tortillas. The chef talked about how you take a need in the community and you multiply it and you're equipped to have a community in whatever you decide to get involved in.

How connected do you feel to Birmingham after being part of Five Loaves ?

Extremely connected. Five Loaves has given me the opportunity to learn more about the heart of the city, discover places that I've never been before, and get the chance to fall in love with Birmingham more and more. I have realized how innovative Birmingham is and it has led her to research more areas and places that I've never been too. She has a broader perspective of the City of Birmingham.

How has Five Loaves brought you closer to other members and parts of your community ?

The concept of hospitality has helped become closer to other members and parts of their community.

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