learn filmmaking. 

tell powerful stories.

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Fish Camp Films ‘21 is a five-day summer camp experience in Birmingham, AL for teens to learn the fundamentals of filmmaking from professionals. By learning the elements of storytelling and film production, students can walk away with the tools to bring stories to life.

Campers will be mentored by professional producers, camera operators, directors, editors, and sound specialists that hail from across the country. With the fundamentals of story and filmmaking, they will create short documentary films that will be featured at our grand showcase at the end of camp. 

9:00-4:00, UAB's sterne library

scholarships available

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Do I need to bring a camera/laptop/etc.?

All filming and editing equipment will be provided by Fish Camp Films and our sponsors!

How much is tuition?

$200 for a five-day camp that includes instruction by professionals, equipment, and lunches. We also are excited to offer scholarships to students to cover the entire cost of tuition! When applying, simply select which option best suits you.

Is lunch provided?

Yes! We will have lunch and snacks available for students each day. If you have a food allergy, please let us know so we can plan accordingly!

What safety measures are in place for COVID-19?

We will be following UAB's required COVID protocols since we will be using their space. Masks will be required indoors, seats will be 3 feet apart, and we will have sanitizing stations available in each room. Lunches will be packaged individually with prepackaged individual cutlery.

Who can participate?

Fish Camp Films is for high school students and recent high school graduates in the Greater Birmingham Area who are interested in creativity, forming new friendships, and hearing people's stories.

I'm interested in volunteering. How can I help?

We are recruiting volunteers with and without film experience! If you are in the film industry and want to invest in the upcoming generation, we have plenty of opportunities for you to mentor and lead our students. If you don't have any film experience but want to help with getting lunches, set up the space, or generally make camp awesome -- there's space for you! Send an email to madison@urbanavenues.com and let us know a little about you.

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day one

9:00   //   Kickoff

10:00 //   Understanding Story -     
                   People & Purpose

12:00  //   Lunch (provided by FCF)

1:00    //   Interviewing for Story

2:30   //    Camera 101

4:00  //    End of Day 1

day two

9:00  //   Understanding Story -     
                   Plot & Place

12:00 //   Lunch (provided by FCF)

1:00   //   Audio 101

2:30  //    Concepts of Lighting

4:00 //    End of Day 2

day three

9:00    //   Begin Team Projects

11:00   //   Pre-Interview Cast

12:00  //   Lunch (provided by FCF)

1:00    //   Creative Development

2:30   //    Knowing Your Gear

4:00  //    End of Day 3

day four

FILMING DAY (9:00-4:00)

day five

9:00    //   Review Footage

10:00  //   Editing

12:00  //   Lunch (provided by FCF)

1:00    //   Editing

4:00   //    Premiere

5:00   //    End of Day 5

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“The instructors were incredibly professional and knowledgable — it made me feel confident that I was learning valuable skills.”

FCF '20 Student

“Fish Camp Films made me think about the details of film and people. I started looking at people in a different way that considered their whole story.”

FCF '19 Student

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