Stories have an immense impact on our lives. From childhood tales of heroes to written accounts of the world's greatest human triumphs, the words and meanings become a part of a person's being. Sharing the tales and souls of people throughout our communities expands perspectives, captures the similarities across humanity and the beauty in each individual's experience. 

What is fish camp films?

Fish Camp Films is a venture of Urban Avenues designed to provide an apprenticeship approach for teaching photography and filmmaking. We have designed a program that offers students the opportunity to work with us on a semester basis to further their skills in storytelling, photography, filmmaking, and writing.

Why Fish camp films?

Fish Camp Films is for any high school student in the Birmingham area.  We believe that film and photography are vital instruments in telling stories and educating others about the community.

what to expect

Technology is constantly changing, but creativity and critical thought are skills that will set you up for success no matter what path you choose. Filmmakers and photographers of all skill levels are welcome - the only requirement is a desire to be creative and curious. As a participant in the Fish Camp Films summer program, you will be equipped with the skills necessary to tell a story through film and photography.  There will be ten sessions over the course of two weeks that will be taught by field professionals.  Fish Camp Films is free of charge to participants.

We're currently developing a yearly program for students to take deeper dives into film, photography, or both. Read on to see the topics we'll discuss and sign up for updates!

Notable Activities:

  • Trainings Sessions with Software and Equipment

  • Exploring Birmingham through Photo and Video Challenges

  • On-Site Interview and Filming Experience

  • Projects and Showcase




Topics Include:

  • Storytelling

  • Techniques

  • Building a Photo

  • B'ham through a Lens

  • Art vs. Science

  • Student Showcase




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Topics Include:

  • Writing

  • Preproduction

  • Audio and Visual

  • Team and Roles

  • Editing

  • Final Projects

  • Showcase





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