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The porch is the point at which our lives intersect with the world; a Porch Sitting is the event where one’s life intersects with the lives of others in order to gain a better understanding of the world. The intimacy of homes, porches, and backyards foster conversations that invite people from across the region to discover new ways of living in and growing as a community.

Get involved.

You can participate in Porch Sittings in a variety of ways.

  • Sponsor an Evening

As a sponsor, you make the Porch Sitting possible. Your generous gift provides the financial support for our Five Loaves team to share their love for hospitality and culinary arts. Thanks in advance.

  • Host an Evening

As a host, you open your home and provide the space for Porch Sittings to take place. Your curiosity and the things that matter to you can be the beginning of the evening’s conversations. To ensure we have a diverse group of people for the discussion, the guest list will likely be a mix of people from your circle and people already connected to Urban Avenues. Lastly, as a host of a Porch Sitting, we’d ask that you have an open mind.

  • Participate in an Evening

Participating in a Porch Sitting is as easy as showing up. Once you are at a Porch Sitting, you will hear from people that you might not have had occasion to hear from. You may wish to join in the conversation or you may wish to simply listen. Either way, your presence is the most important part.


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